Measure: Measure 6.4.1 Creation And Development Of Diversification Of Agricultural Enterprises Type of intervention: Upgrading and restructuring of buildings for accommodation without catering Description of operation: The project has been focused on the requalification of buildings with the aim of creating an agritourism with accommodation for tourists. In the renovation phase, an attempt was made not to distort the property but rather to enhance the particularities that have emerged, highlighting them (arches of old doors, stone walls), and to use, in the recovery of the property, materials from the area with the aim of maintaining an identity with the territory and to acquaint guests with the particularities of the rural environment, of the territory also in geological terms, where they will be staying. Aim: Development and diversification of the agricultural enterprise Results obtained: Realisation of accommodation for tourist use adjacent to the farm farm with the aim of diversifying the farm’s activity Amount financed: € 500,000 contribution granted € 200,000